With Mixed Market Modelling we can derive the level of expected base-sessions/applications over time and compare the result with the amount generated by media presence.

The Baseline constitutes the volume of sessions/applications separated from all marketing effects and includes trend, seasonality(s), product-/brand development, as well as, impact from external factors and competitors.


1. Mixed Marketing Model (Direct Effects)

» Actual campaign effects and results
» Create forecasts and targets for upcoming campaigns
» Optimisation of focus and timing per medium
» Comparison and evaluation of communication
» Short-run ROI
» Data for budget allocation

1 & 2. Mixed Marketing Model + Brand Equity (Total Brand Image)

» Effects of brand building efforts
» Support with developing long-term targets and relevant KPI:s
» Yearly prognosis using media plan and budget
» Total ROI

3. Entire own business & Market intelligence

» Mapping of all variables affecting the target outcome, including external factors and competition
» Foundation for tactical and strategic decisions
» Input in the budget process
» Testing short and long-term scenarios
» Result-oriented business development