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We are incredibly proud to have been voted as Sweden’s second best media agency by our clients!

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What values does your brand associations create?
Is the media landscape confusing you?
We guide brands in the new world.


Understanding how your brand influences consumer behavior is key. Especially when TV-ads suddenly are clickable, 18 tabs are simultaneously open and everyone is a publicist. Make sure to understand your own foundation and the context your brand is acting within.


The world is not digital, it’s linked together. This gives rise to a new logic and more possibilities to value creation by connecting business development, marketing, media and sales. We have the methods to do it.


In 1962, Marshall McLuhan first used the term Global Village. It was seen as science fiction then, but since, we have been shocked by the rapid development and forced to reflect and revalue our thoughts and best practices in media. Let us help you find the best approach.


Media and communication are tools to make brands and people interact. A value should be perceived and a relationship should be built. Our successful area Business Development is founded upon insights in customer value and market forces.


SOME of our amazing clients

Behind all of these logotypes are great people and inspiring projects

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At HowCom we are convinced that strategic decisions are best taken when based on solid insights about your market and your customer segment. That is why a third of us at HowCom are working specifically with generating these insights.

We create insights across business, brand and communication challenges.

We are armed with a strong quantitative and qualitative analytic toolbox, which allows us to approach your insight challenges with the most efficient tools.

HowCom Evolution is a full-service brand agency.

Some of our services include:

  • Brand Tracking

  • Segmentation

  • Focus groups

  • Econometric modeling

  • Dashboards

  • Brand Positioning

  • Price Sensitivity

  • Test of new communication concepts

  • Communication Efficiency

More information about some of our services:

If you want to hear more about what we, HowCom, can do for you and your brand, get in touch with Fredrik Andersson.
You can reach him at fredrik.andersson [at] howcom.se
+46 70 543 53 90