We are incredibly proud that our customers have voted us to a second place in the Media Agency of the Year!

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Does the brand associations create value?
Is the media landscape confusing?
We guide brands.


Understanding how your brand affects behavior is vital. Especially when TV commercials are clickable, 18 tabs are open and everyone is a publicist. So make sure you understand the foundation to build from and the context you live in.


The world is not digital, it’s interconnected. It implies a new logic and opportunities for value creation by intertwining business development, marketing, media and sales. We have the methods. 


In 1962, Marshall McLuhan used the concept of a Global Village. Science Fiction thought most. Since then, we have been shocked, forced to reflect and to re-evaluate how we best use media. Let us help you find the right approach.


Media and communication is a tool for getting brands and people to meet. A value must be experienced and a business built. Our successful area of business development, is based on insight into customer value and market forces.


A few of our amazing clients

Behind these logos are wonderful people and inspiring collaborations

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We at HowCom are convinced that strategic decisions should be made based on solid insights about the market in which you work and the consumers you wish to affect. A third of all of us at HowCom therefore work specifically with insight generation - using quantitative and qualitative analytical methods.

We work with insight-focused business, brand and communications development.

Our toolbox includes both quantitative and qualitative research methods, allowing us to always attack your insight need (aka challenge / problem) with the most effective weapon.

HowCom Evolution is a full service insight agency.

Några exempel på vad vi idag hjälper våra kunder med är:

Some examples of what we today help our customers are are:

  • Brand Tracking

  • Segmentation

  • Focus groups

  • Econometric modeling

  • Dashboards

  • Brand Positioning

  • Price Sensitivity

  • Test of new communication concepts

  • Communication Efficiency

More information about some of our services: